The Moscow enterprise will help to clean sewage from oil products

Moscow research and production company VDK has developed a set of equipment for physical and chemical wastewater treatment of one of Russia's largest oil refineries PJSC "LUKOIL". Technological solutions will allow the company to clean up to 100% of industrial wastewater and improve the efficiency of oil residues.

This technological system of equipment will be an integral part of the complex processing of oil residues. The devices of the capital enterprise will allow to organize the preparation and dosing of flocculant solution for physical and chemical wastewater treatment of the refinery.

The system is designed to work with several production lines with a capacity of up to 400 m3 / h each and is designed for dosing up to 6000 liters of finished reagent per hour. In addition to the treatment of industrial effluents, the development of VDK will improve the efficiency of processing of oil residues, reduce the share of heating oil, increase the volume of furnace coke and light oil products, which are extremely in demand on the market.

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