Angstrem has mastered production of power electronics

The specialists of JSC Angstrem launched the production power electronics products (IGBT, BVD and DMOS) in the plastic body of TO 247. In the future, the company certified transistors and diodes in this case for use in dual-purpose technology, which makes semiconductor products special requirements for durability.

Power transistors and diodes in such cases are the most common semiconductor devices that are used in the manufacture of finished products: power management systems and equipment, including strategic industries.

The TO-247 body has expanded the range of products commercially available in leaky plastic cases. At the moment, JSC Angstrem already produces semiconductor devices in the cases of TO-220, TO-263, TO-251, TO-252 and SOP-14. Also in the process of development are housing SOP-8, SUP-16, SUP-20.   

Angstrem annually launches at least 50 new types of integrated circuits, microprocessors and transistors for industrial and special purposes, as well as products based on them. For the last three years about 20% of production of the enterprise from 2000 names was updated.


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