The possibility of creating a microelectronic cluster was discussed in Technopolis "Moscow"

The Congress center of Technopolis "Moscow" held a meeting of the SEZ managing company and residents engaged in the microelectronic industry. The parties discussed the possibility of creating a profile cluster.

There are more than forty companies operating in various segments of the microelectronic market on the territory of the capital's SEZ - from the production of parts to the production of finished products. In total, the meeting was attended by representatives of 18 companies, including Micron, Angstrem, Angstrem-T, Goodwin, NexTouch and others.

"The microelectronic cluster should, firstly, become a platform where residents can easily find partners, and secondly, a tool for solving industry problems, including lobbying certain topics not only at the local but also at the Federal level”,- said Igor Ishchenko, General Director of the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow". – Managing company is ready to take on the role of moderator of the process, but the cluster of microelectronics should be led by specialists, well-known players of the market and a good understanding of the industry. Therefore, we ask residents to think about and propose candidates for this position”.

"In the near future there should be a structural document describing the work of the microelectronics cluster, the head of the cluster will be selected, and then we will invite companies from the microelectronics industry to sign an agreement on joining this organization”,- Igor Ishchenko said. "I would like to note that any interested players in the field of microelectronics can become members of the cluster."

The microelectronics cluster will become the second cluster in the capital's SEZ. Since December 2018, the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" has a biopharmaceutical cluster. It was headed by Mikhail Getman, who previously held the post of Vice President for pharmaceutical operations of Novamedica. In February 2019, an agreement was signed with ATEM Capital (USA) and TPP Healthcare (China), providing financial support to export-import operations of cluster members in the markets of China, Canada and the United States. It is expected that by 2023 the development of those will be able to get up to $500 million.


The SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" is a specialized territory for the development of industrial, technical and innovative activities of the capital. Currently, 63 high-tech industries are located in the SEZ, which receive a number of preferences from the city: tax breaks, ready engineering infrastructure, free customs regime, etc. SEZ residents are engaged in development and innovation in the field of high-tech production, including microelectronics, instrument making, information and telecommunication technologies, medical equipment. Residents have already made investments in the development of their industries in the amount of about 18.5 billion rubles and created more than 5 thousand jobs.

Since the transfer of authority to manage the special economic zone "Technopolis "Moscow" to the Moscow Government (supervised by the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow), in September 2016, the pool of residents of the special economic zone was supplemented by 12 new residents, which totally invested 13 billion 605 million rubles. At the same time, as a result of project implementation, about 3 thousand new jobs will be created.

Photo: Timur Anikeev.

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