2.5 million users ― MES for schoolchildren, teachers and parents

Presently MES (Moscow Electronic School) accounts for more than a thousand textbooks and guidelines, 35,000 lesson plans and 50,000 educational applications. Thanks to the Moscow Electronic School, schoolchildren can do their lessons without any help, and parents can monitor their school attendance and academic performance.

2.5 million school students, teachers and parents have taken advantage of the Moscow E-School services. You may open any textbook or guidelines using your smartphone, computer or tablet.

"We aim to make the Moscow Electronic School transparent, convenient and helpful for families. But it is hardly possible to implement without the involvement of teachers. I am sure that MES, being easy-to-understand by students and their parents, will become a very convenient interaction tool for teachers and families," Moscow Government Minister, Head of the Department of Education and Science Isaak Kalina said.    

A library on your fingertips

MES electronic library has more than 1,000 electronic guidelines and textbooks with their number constantly growing. Major publishers and leading IT companies have been replenishing the library. Thanks to them, Moscow school students are free to use interactive applications, simulators and tests to check their knowledge on their own. In addition to textbooks, MES electronic library offers plenty of fiction.

Not only schoolchildren but their parents benefit from this service too. It provides parents a possibility to review lessons learned together with their children, find supplementary tests and help to prepare for mid-semester exams and lab sessions.

For teachers, MES electronic library is a real storehouse of about 35,000 various lesson plans and more than 50,000 educational applications. It should be noted that all these files have been developed by teachers. Authors of lesson plans, guidelines and applications popular with the teachers' community receive grants from the Moscow Government.

Parents know their child is at school

Moscow Electronic School is also a handy parental control system. You may view the electronic diary to find out your child's marks. You are also free to ask questions to the teacher, check the class timetable and review your child's performance.

MES offers another service, that is Moskvenok project. It will help to know when exactly your child came to school and left it. Also, parents can make a list of food available in the buffet for students to buy the enlisted foods only.

Another service’s advantage for parents is that they can use it to apply for preschool groups, 1st form, hobby group or athletics class. The Service can also help transfer a child from one school to another and register for OGE (Basic State Exam) or EGE (Unified State Exam).

Source: https://www.mos.ru/en/news/item/52789073/ 

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